An old Mercury Grand Marquis

Yes, you read it right.  I was dropping my kids off at school a few mornings ago and I passed by this really crappy car parked at the school with it’s window stuck halfway down.  Seeing as how it’s 30 degrees and there’s snow all over the ground – I assumed the window wasn’t left down on purpose. 😉  I stared at that car and I just had to smile.  That car was SO me.  I lived with the curse of the crappy cars until my mid twenties.  All of my first cars broke down constantly.  My freshman year of college I mostly walked but when I had to drive I was rolling in a Buick boat with red velvet interior.  Not long after – I was given the uber cool 1980 something Mercury Grand Marquis by my Nana.  It was Maroon – HUGE – and as uncool as it could possibly be.  That summer I decided to work at an amusement park a zillion miles away and the speedometer broke on the way.  Once I got to my destination the driver’s window got stuck down.  I was broke and had no way to fix it – so I put my work uniform rain pants in the window and drove with them like that.  (It rained nearly every day.)  I distinctly remember leaving the apartment complex to go to work one day and the old guy at the booth telling me he really like my car and that they just didn’t make cars “like that” any more.  I HAD to laugh.  Driving around in my comfy SUV a few days ago, I smiled at that crappy car and thanked God that I had had many of them.  I love the fact that my whole past is not some super cool story about a girl who lived a perfect life with perfect people and perfect cars.  MY story is much much more interesting. 🙂

So…Yay to everyone who has ever had to get out in the middle of traffic – lift the hood up and bang on something with a hammer you have to carry around in your car for occasions like these.  And Yay to every teenager who has ever had to drive something even their Grandparents don’t feel cool in – and double yay if you gave the car a cool name and totally owned it. 😉



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  1. Hahaha this totally made my day! While I didn’t have the huge boat cars i DID have ancient beauties of the Japanese kind…. and they ALL had names!

  2. Trinity Ridge Photography

    LOL – most of mine had names, too – unmentionable – but still! 😉

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