Niki :) I just loved this shot…

I’m not even finished editing this Bobby and Niki’s wedding, but I’m just in love with this shot.  Such beautiful light here.  Photography is basically capturing light…and in most cases manipulating and creating light to capture.  Once you become a photographer (if you weren’t born one) you never see light the same.  Every time of day sunrise to sunset and every beam of sunlight that changes direction during the day is worthy of attention.  Over the past few years I have learned to see light where it was previously overlooked.  I have also learned how to dispute what light is present and create my own.  Right now…I’m learning more of the latter. 😉  As for this portrait – very few “lights” in the world will compare to a perfect window light.  It’s just so right.


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  1. "Every light is worthy of your attention." I like this statement. I will pout this in mind always as it helps me become a good photographer someday.

  2. Trinity Ridge Photography

    I’m glad you like it – I’m sure it will help you see things differently! 🙂

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