War Eagle Cemetery – and a good day to be thankful :)

So, yesterday, Dad and I had a day of hiking, exploring, and picture taking planned.  We used to go shoot for fun practically every weekend.  It seems like it was just yesterday.  In reality, it was a DECADE ago.  I can hardly believe it.  Back then, I was stuck in various office jobs – totally miserable, and weekend photography with Dad was my way out.  Dad and I went through hundreds of rolls of film back then, and we almost always had it developed one hour because we were just so impatient once we got back to civilization.  LOL  Thank God digital came along to save us from waiting!!!!  Anyways, we planned to go hiking yesterday but it didn’t exactly work.  My youngest princess hasn’t been feeling so hot – so she was home from school.  BUT…I thought the fresh air might do her some good, so we went for a drive.  Eventually, we ended up at the War Eagle Cemetery.  It was a gorgeous old cemetery that overlooked the river.  After walking around and looking at all of the old headstones we realized that most of them were infants or children/teens.  I read the following engraving on one belonging to a 15 year old girl which read “She was the sunshine of our home”.  Glancing over at my amazingly beautiful little angel, I thought to myself “I am so blessed”.  I can appreciate living in a generation where I don’t have to worry that she had a fever the evening before.  I had already taken her to the doctor, started her medication, and she was feeling better.  (Of course, I ultimately trust God with her well-being.)  I am still so thankful for modern medicine and my beautifully sheltered and protected life.  I wish that all of my children had been with me that day so I could post their images on here as well – but it was just her.  Hope you enjoy them!


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