Josh and Rachel’s wedding in Cotter, Arkansas

Josh and Rachel’s wedding was May 1st at the beautiful Hopkinswoode Bed & Breakfast in Cotter, AR.  It was supposed to storm all day – but miraculously it cleared up not long after we started shooting.  It was SO beautiful there, I was totally ready to move in!  And the older part of Cotter – looks like a little beach town.  It’s so cute.  Dad and I always get to wedding locations ridiculously early – so this time we drove down the river and took some pics.  Then, of course, we took off looking for a gas station where we could get our fuel for the day – Mt. Dew, of course. 😉  Anyways, Josh and Rachel were super cool and the wedding and reception went great.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Here are just a few portraits from their special day with more to come later.


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  1. That first image is incredible!!! Beautul work!

  2. Trinity Ridge Photography

    Thank you Sandra! What an amazing view we had from there – it was great to shoot. 🙂


    omg that first pic is breathtaking!!!! just gorgeous!

  4. Trinity Ridge Photography

    Thanks Jennifer! Can you believe we got to shoot there? I mean, WOW! We have the coolest jobs. 🙂

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