Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer – Meagen and Jose

Even though I always kind of thought I’d be famous one day (ha ha ha)…I never really envisioned my life being as cool as it is right now.  As a super negative, whiny, angst-ridden, poetry writing teenager – I thought I was meant to be great, but felt as if I might reach and miss for the rest of my life.  Now, older than I would’ve liked to have started ;), I feel as if every day I’m on the verge of greatness…and somehow already in it.   Besides some meaningless material things I’m looking forward to getting (like my Winter house somewhere warm 😉  – I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted.  I don’t know anyone anywhere who has a better life than me.  And now I’m wise enough to know that a simple extraordinary ordinary day that is happy and good – was the goal all along.  So I fill my days with hope…pushing towards better….pushing my limits….pushing the world’s limits.  I LOVE the unknown…the future is so bright here.  I hope you think that yours is, too. 🙂

As for business in general, we’ve been booking weddings like crazy!  We have already booked 10 more weddings this year than last!  YAY!!!  I’ve been busier the last two months than I’ve EVER been, and I’m still figuring out how to be more efficient with my time.  The good news is, that I’m still editing slower than ever -which means that all of my clients’ portraits are still getting the same amount of TLC that my past clients’ portraits got. 🙂 🙂

Anyways,  I’m going to try to start posting weddings on the blog before facebook.  How long will it last?  Who knows??!!!  lol.  But, here’s the first:  Meagan and Jose’s wedding in Oklahoma City, OK.  The wedding and reception were held at the Waterford Marriott.  It was blazing hot, but everyone handled it well and it turned out LOVELY!  Thanks to Meagan and Jose for being a super fun couple to work with. 🙂


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  1. Virgie Esparza

    Beautiful pictures!!! You did a great job!!! Of course I love these two and they are just amazing!!! Virgie

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