Things I like

There are a large group of people in the world who think too much. I am definitely one of those people, although I believe I’ve toned it down over the last 10 years or so. Today I was being thoughtful as usual, and thought it best to ponder on the things I like – rather than what I dislike. Yesterday was Halloween, and I LOVE Halloween. 🙂 I love taking my kids trick-or-treating on the same streets my parents took me when I was little. Plus, Halloween is the anniversary of the day I first got my three oldest children.  (They came into my foster care 9 years ago yesterday, and I adopted them a few years later!)   I love 75 degree days in the middle of Fall when the trees are on fire and it’s warm enough for me to enjoy them. I like unexpected romance from unexpected people. I like the truth that some relationships really do last forever, and that statistics don’t dictate our futures – we do. I like to remind myself that individuals are priceless and valuable because there will never be another just like them. I love the reality of the butterfly effect. I see the ripples and waves and even hurricanes all the time – and I wonder how many I have started myself. Lastly for now, I love how God is the ultimate comforter, mender, gatherer of broken pieces, and rebuilder if needed. Life is good, so if there be any good things – think on these.


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