Model Taylor / Arkansas Portrait and Galmour Photographer

So, a few months ago, I was contacted by this beautiful young model – Taylor.  We had lunch, talked about shoot ideas and wardrobe, and everything fun in between.  Since then we’ve been plotting our takeover of the local modeling world, lol, and we’ve gotten to do one fun session.  I have to say, Taylor’s a natural when it comes to modeling.  I’ve worked with some beautiful people in my lifetime, but it takes a lot more than beauty to model.  When you get behind the lens, you realize it’s all about angles and how a girl/woman carries herself.  Does she know how to position her body to flatter herself and what she’s wearing, do her eyes look inviting or expressionless, does she have a wide range of movement, does she have a cooperative and willing attitude, etc.?  Taylor is wondeful to work with and has a grasp on all of these things – can’t wait to see what she does with them in the future!  Anyways, here are just a few from our session in October – more to come so stay tuned!  P.S.  Feel free to leave comments here and check us out on facebook, too – 🙂


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