Orange Crush: Feather Your Nest with Spring’s Hottest Color

Orange.  In case you haven’t heard it’s the next big thing this spring (technically, tangerine, but why split hairs).  From makeup to fashion to interior design, orange is the current color of choice.  This color is, admittedly, quite intimidating to many…especially when trying to incorporate it into your home décor.  Orange is bold, bright and demands to be noticed, and when used incorrectly it can easily overpower a space turning a room from fresh and chic to one avocado green appliance and wood paneled wall away from a bad 1970’s flashback .   No one wants that.  The best way to use orange? Add it in little bursts here and there – little pops of color that enhance your space and breathe new life into your home just in time for spring.

Worried that it will clash with your current color scheme?

Orange is more versatile than you think.  Check out these complimentary & contrasting color combinations:

*for those of you who have never used a color wheel, colors across from and next to each other look great together.*

| color wheel via The Use Of Color  |


Still not convinced?

Check out the use of orange in these gorgeous interiors.  It brightens blues and adds little points of interest making the rooms feel fresh and modern.

|  1)   via TileTramp |  2)   via Just Flew the Coop |  3)   via berdhousegallery |   4)   via Room for Young Ones  |


Are you ready to take the plunge?

Here are some super-cute accents that won’t break the bank:

|  1)  orange elephant print by The Pink Pagoda  |  2)  retro orange “Eat” sign by Dime Store Vintage  |  3)  Octopus Print by Paper Gangster Prints  |  4) Pillow cover by ElemenO Pillows  |  5)  orange glass coral bowel by Uneek Glass Fusions  |  6) Ipad/Kindle/Nook cover by Gothic Creations  |


Orange you glad for this new trend?

What do you think?  Is orange a do or a don’t?  Are you going to give it shot?


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


PS – This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that: 1) the name of the album is orange 2) the video features a TON of orange (including rather daring matching orange outfits) and 3) it’s just a good, fun song that makes you want to shake your butt.

About The Author:

        Alli Woods Frederick is an artist, photographer, writer, reiki master, intuitive & zombie slayer extraordinaire who blogs at  She is also the art editor for All Things Girl Magazine.  Her feline companion, Mischa the Wonder Cat, is currently being considered for sainthood.  She has a deep and abiding love of fancy dress, Bruce Campbell, Bob Hope, Adam Ant, the 1930′s & tea parties.   She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with ghosts, shoes, zombies, the deep south, England and glitter, though not necessarily in that order.  Her photography has been featured in F-Stop Magazine and All Things Girl and her writing has been featured on, The Goods, Kind Over Matter and in The Radical Uprise Issue #021: Grow/Create. Her photography has been exhibited at Springbox Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  To view more of her photographic/artistic work visit


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