Geeks in Love: A Geek Chic Wedding Guide

Yes, it’s true.  Even geeks fall in love.  For those of you who are not geeks this might come as a shock.  Geeks fall in love.  We really do.  Not only do we geeks fall in love but we get married too.  But can a geek wedding be chic while still honoring its geek roots? 


    Yes it can.  Whether you’re into Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars or Doctor Who you can have a traditional wedding and still include the objects of your geek love.   Here are a few Geek Chic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  


Harry Potter: 

harry potter wedding

1 –  Hedwig Wedding Cake  | 2 –  Hedwig Tie Tack  | 3 –  Harry Potter Cake Toppers  | 4 –   Mischief Managed Save The Date  |


Star Trek:

star trek wedding

1 –  Two Trekkies Wedding Cake Topper  | 2 –  Borg Cube Cake  | 3 –  Star Trek Cufflinks  | 4 –   Starfleet Boutonnieres  |


Doctor Who:

doctor who wedding

1 –  TARDIS wedding ring | 2 –  Sonic Screwdriver Stemmed Paper Bouquet  | 3 –  Dalek Cake Toppers   | 4 –  Timey Wimey Save The Date  |


Star Wars:

star wars wedding

1 –  I Love You I Know Cufflinks  | 2 –   Vader/Lightsaber Wedding Ring  | 3 –  Lightsaber Wedding Invitations  | 4 –  Star Wars Wedding Cake  |


May you and your honey live long and prosper. (It had to be said and you know it.)


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick

About The Author:

Alli Woods Frederick is an artist, photographer, writer, reiki master, intuitive & zombie slayer extraordinaire who blogs at She is also the art editor for All Things Girl Magazine. Her feline companion, Mischa the Wonder Cat, is currently being considered for sainthood. She has a deep and abiding love of fancy dress, Bruce Campbell, Bob Hope, Adam Ant, the 1930′s & tea parties. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with ghosts, shoes, zombies, the deep south, England and glitter, though not necessarily in that order. Her photography has been featured in F-Stop Magazine and All Things Girl and her writing has been featured on, The Goods, Kind Over Matter and in The Radical Uprise Issue #021: Grow/Create.  Her photography has been exhibited at Springbox Gallery in Portland, Oregon. To view more of her photographic/artistic work visit or swing by her online store.  Find more of her patented weirdness and love on facebook and twitter.


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