The Best Weddings in Hollywood History

Ah, Hollywood…you and your weddings.  How we love you…and hate you…but mostly love you.  I’m sure you’re expecting me to talk about various vows & gowns of the likes of Grace Kelly &  Rainier III, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Ben & Jennifer or Tom & Katie, but no.  I want to talk about the fictional nuptials that we love so dearly…the ones we waited for, hoped for and cheered for…the couples we love to love.  I now give you four of the best weddings in Hollywood history.  Enjoy the memories and warm fuzzies they bring.

Kermit & Miss Piggy

After years of trying to nab the frog of her dreams, Miss Piggy tied the knot with Kermit the frog.  The validity of the nuptials is still hotly debated.  Miss Piggy and the minister who performed the ceremony claim the wedding was valid while Kermit insists he was merely an actor doing his job and that the service was nothing more than a performance.  Either way, fans were happy to see them walk down the aisle, if for no other reason than not having to deal with Miss Piggy’s plotting, scheming, pining and whining anymore.

Pam & Jim

Admit it.  You love Pam & Jim.  They’re a match made in Hollywood heaven.  But is it any wonder that in the midst of their wedding weekend, with all their insane (but well meaning) co-workers and family running around, creating stress and wreaking havoc that they would decide to elope and have a private ceremony at Niagara Falls mere hours before their formal public affair?  I don’t blame them one bit.  They gave themselves the best of both worlds – an intimate moment for them to secretly cherish and a public event to share with beloved family and friends.  Well done, Pam & Jim.  Well done.

Sabrina & Aaron

The wedding of Sabrina & Aaron on Sabrina The Teenage Witch was exciting for all who grew up watching the antics of the little blonde spell-caster…especially when Sabrina, upon realizing that Aaron is not the love of her life, runs out of the church in the middle of her wedding and finds her high school sweetheart and soul mate, Harvey, waiting for her outside.  THIS was what fans had hoped for…a fairytale ending for the on again off again couple.  Fans didn’t get to see Sabrina & Harvey get married, but as she rode away from the church on the back of his motorcycle fans knew the couple would live happily ever after.

Bridget & Mark

Weren’t we all pulling for the adorably neurotic and severely relationship impaired Bridget Jones to get Mr. Nice Guy, Mark Darcy to put a ring on it?  Oh yes we were.  And while Mark does propose and Bridget does say yes, we’re left wondering if they make it down the aisle or not.  Their rollercoaster relationship certainly had it’s twists, turns and dips but we still don’t know if it all worked out in the end, which is maddening.  So why in the world is this being included on a list of Hollywood weddings?  Part wishful thinking and part hopeful anticipation that Bridget Jones’ Baby will get out of pre-production and actually be filmed so we can finally see if they live quirkily ever after.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly hoping they do.


Do you have a favorite Hollywood wedding moment?

Feel free to share your in the comments.


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


About The Author:

Alli Woods Frederick is an artist, photographer, writer, reiki master, intuitive & zombie slayer extraordinaire who blogs at She is also the art editor for All Things Girl Magazine. Her feline companion, Mischa the Wonder Cat, is currently being considered for sainthood. She has a deep and abiding love of fancy dress, Bruce Campbell, Bob Hope, Adam Ant, the 1930′s & tea parties. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with ghosts, shoes, zombies, the deep south, England and glitter, though not necessarily in that order. Her photography has been featured in F-Stop Magazine and All Things Girl and her writing has been featured on, The Goods, Kind Over Matterand in The Radical Uprise Issue #021: Grow/Create.  Her photography has been exhibited at Springbox Gallery in Portland, Oregon. To view more of her photographic/artistic work visit or swing by her online store.  Find more of her patented weirdness and love on facebook and twitter.

image credits:  via Muppet Wiki  |  via Give Me My Remote  |  via Bats Magazine  |  via ephemeral lights

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