Oklahoma Wedding Photographers – Dan and Sara

First off, let me say that Dan and Sara are SUCH a great couple! 🙂  We met them last November at the Iron Horse Coffee Company in Rogers (LOVE that place btw!).  After chatting and laughing for at least an hour, we knew that we were going to have a blast shooting their wedding. 🙂  Of course, we had no idea that this year Spring was going to hide out and wait for Summer! lol  They planned their gorgeous outdoor wedding for May 4th, which is guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful weekends out of the whole year for this part of the country.  But this glorious year, Winter stayed around FOREVER, and tried to torment us on their wedding day.  It was raining the whole way there – and COLD…like in the 50’s!  God blessed us, though, by stopping the rain and giving us a beautiful afternoon and evening for the ceremony, and even the night wasn’t frigid.  Woohoo!

Here are some of our faves from their awesome day!


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  1. Kalei Guthrie

    Where was this wedding held at? It is absolutely breathtaking!

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